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Main Foyer

You can access the Main Foyer from the large car park by either using the steps or ramp, with a hand rail, for the disabled. Access to all the rooms, toilets and other facilities is made from the Main Foyer; with a public coin telephone installed.


Colbury Room

This is a small meeting room with the capacity for around 50 seats. This room also has a lovely beamed ceiling, with low windows overlooking the grounds. It is benefited with a carpeted floor and a loop system for anyone with hearing impairments.

The Colbury Room is 9.1 metres by 5.4 metres, 30 foot by 18 foot.



This facility is available to all users. Having a range cooker, microwave, dish washer, freezer, refrigerator, urn and tableware; the kitchen is suitable for catering and prepared food. Cutlery is available on request.



There is a large lined asphalt car park for up to 90 cars. There are also substantial landscaped and grassed areas with a decent picnic table; perfect for outdoor activities. 


Main Hall

Having a lovely beamed ceiling as one of it's most enjoyed features, the Hall is suitable for receptions, dances, concerts, indoor sports and much more. The wooden sprung floor is alergy friendly. Furthermore, a loop system is fitted for anyone with hearing impairments. It's most recognised feature is the curtained stage with rear access to dressing rooms and toilets. 

The Main Hall is 18.2 metres by 6.7 metres, 60 foot by 22 foot. It has the capacity for around 200 seats.

The Stage is 6.5 metres by 4.4 metres, 21 foot by 14 foot.


Ashurst Room

The Ashurst Room is slightly smaller than the Colbury Room which makes it more suitable for smaller groups. Located at the other end of the building, the Ashurst Room is further away from any additional activities taking place which makes it quieter. It has a solid wood flooring and has the capacity for around 40 seats.

The Ashurst Room is 7.65 metres by 6 metres.



The toilets have recently been refurbished, making them very modern with separate facilities for the disabled. A shower is included in the mens toilets.



There is a C.C.T.V. system around and inside the building. The double glazed building has installed burglar and fire alarms. A caretaker opens and closes the premises, to ensure the safety of the users and the hall itself.

Insurance & Safety

Hirers shall ensure they have adequate liability indemnity for the purpose of use over the period of hire. The hirer agrees that any materials, equipment or activities brought into, used or carried out, as part of the hire, shall be safe and hazard free.

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